Playing Catch-up, pt. 2

So, the listing thing is kinda weird, so let me be quick with this.  Or first day in Amsterdam was long.  We had a €150 taxi ride from the airport to cargo, then back to the airport, then back to cargo to get the cat, and finally to the hotel.  We stayed in a nice serviced apartment between Amsterdam and Amstelveen.  We had to go to the Expatcenter to make sure that we got the “OK” to live in the country.  Everything was cool and now we live in Amsterdam.  

The first day that we went out to explore the center of Amsterdam, we happened to pass a real estate agency that had postings for apartments in the city.  We stopped in, got an agent, and set up viewings for the next day.  After seeing many apartments online and a few in person, we settled on our new home near Rembrandtplein in the center of Amsterdam.  We are in a newly renovated 2 floor apartment that we are really enjoying.  There are a few small problems with the place, as you would expect anywhere, but it’s really pretty perfect for Shari and me.  


OK.  I think that’s all I need to catch up on.  I still have a few posts up my sleeve that are not so time sensitive, so I’ll save those for a rainy day.  


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