The Rocky Point Bomber

A couple of weeks ago, we the wife and I went out with some of her co-workers and other American expats.  We met up with everyone at a great little Belgian beer bar near Spui and had a really great time getting to know some of her new co-workers.  We were extra excited because we were going to be moving into our new apartment at 9:15 the next morning. Knowing that we were going to have a busy day, we were quite content sipping some delicious Belgian brews and calling it an early night. The evening was progressing quite nicely until about 10:30 or so when, after returning from a trip to the little boys room, I found this waiting at the bar:


Behold the mighty Rocky Point Bomber.  In fact, behold 15 of them.

The bomber is a boilermaker style cocktail consisting of a shot of cheap Tequila dropped into a half pint of milk. The cocktail is then gulped down as quickly as possible to avoid the liquid ever coming in contact with your tastebuds.  Created by a friend of a friend of a friend on a weekend trip to Mexico, this versatile beverage comes in a variety of styles.

In addition to the traditional Rocky Point Bomber, made with whole milk, you can also try a Chocky Point Bomber, made with rich delicious chocolate milk.  If you find that the Rocky Point Bomber is simply not off-putting enough for you, you can even have it made with the Dutch delicacy called Karnemelk, better known as buttermilk to my friends in the US of A.


Needless to say, after several rounds bombers 9:15 AM came all too soon…  gross


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