Wings and Things

It’s no secret that I love Buffalo Wings with a little bit of the ole Blue Cheese Dressin’.  Those who know me, know that I will put hot sauce on just about anything.  In fact, I think I have, on several occasions, had heated (pun intended) discussions with friends about the various American hot sauces and their distinctive flavor, heat, and texture profiles.  I am a hot sauce nerd.

A few weeks into our time in Amsterdam, I started getting a hankering for some Buffy wings with Blue Cheese Dressin’.  I found a place that delivered and ordered myself a dozen “American Style Buffalo Wings”.  They didn’t have any Blue Cheese Dressin’, but I figured that I’d be fine without it.  After all, it was really the delicious fiery hot sauce flavor that I was after.

About an hour later, I get a buzz on the intercom and buzz up the delivery guy.  I get my wings and tear them open.  Immediately the disappointment set in.  These were no “American Style Buffalo Wings”.  I was staring at twelve soggy, lightly breaded, BAKED chicken wings.  Tasty delicious wing sauce?  None.  This was not going to work.  I needed my fix.  I had to find some hot sauce.

To be continued…


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