A bit depressing…


Before we moved to the Netherlands, I was aware that there were going to be some big changes coming my way.  Foreign languages, odd foods, and strange customs are obstacles that any reasonable person would expect when moving abroad.  Generally speaking, the transition has been relatively easy in regard to those differences.  In fact, I am beginning to find some of the differences to be quite nice. The one change that I don’t think I will ever become accustomed to is the lack of sun.  I’m not talking about the ever present cloud cover that hangs over this city almost every day, no no, one could deal with simple cloudiness.  I am talking about the fact that the sun set at 4:30 today.  The sun rose this morning at 8:45.  As you are all aware, this means that you don’t get any direct sunlight until 10 or later and it starts getting dark around 3 in the afternoon.  It sucks.  End of story.


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