As I was out for my daily constitutional yesterday, I passed a sign that caught my eye.  A flyer for a missing kitty was taped to a door just a few meters from my apartment.  I quickly glanced at the image and one word stuck in my mind: “Vermist”.  As I continued with my walk, I began thinking about that word.

“Vermist.  What does that mean?”

“Is it related to vermin?”

“Hrmmm… Maybe it means cat.  Maybe the Dutch gave the cat an appropriate name like vermist because hunting for rats and mice is the only productive thing that a cat does.  How interesting…  The Dutch really are quite direct.”

After returning home, I consulted with my now ever present friend Google Translate to confirm my suspicions.

“Vermist:  Missing”

“Cat: Kat”

The truly sad part is that I learned that when I took my Dutch lessons before leaving the States…

I am an idiot.


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