Who sucks at posting?

This guy sucks at posting!

Anyway, it’s been busy here in the lowlands and I’m just now getting over a pretty nasty sinus infection, so it’s CATCH UP TIME!!!  I have about 20 or 30 things bouncing around my noggin that I was planning on writing posts about.  However, if I try to write full posts about all of them, I might finish up sometime around early spring.  To avoid writing about Christmas stuff when the weather starts to warm, I am going to quickly run through some of the things that I’ve been meaning to post about.

Here we go!

1.  We just got back from Barcelona.  It was really great.  That tale will get it’s own post.


2.  A few weeks ago, Amsterdam hosted the International Documentary Film Festival.  They took over several theaters in town, filled the hotels with indie documentary movie types, and turned my beloved Rembrandtplein into a temporary restaurant and box office.  Oh yeah, and they also had several micro-theaters posted around town showing films.  By the way, for those who don’t know, “Micro-theater” is industry speak for a shipping container with a screen, a projector, and a few chairs.


3.  Stairs here are really steep and super small.  After spending some time visiting other people’s apartments in the city, I am extremely happy we settled on a newly renovated 1st/2nd floor apartment.  We have nice new stairs which are completely capable of fitting an entire foot and are at less than a 60 degree angle.  This is not the norm for Amsterdam.

That's the wife.  Three stories up.

That’s the wife. Three stories up.

4.  I made a chore poster to keep me on track with my daily house keeping.  I don’t know how you ladies do it!


5.  My wife is a smart, beautiful, talented adult woman with an excellent career that allowed us to spend these few years in Amsterdam and allow’s me to follow my own passions in life.  I love her for this.  She also still makes me take a picture whenever she sees an anchor… (sorority stuff)


6.  The bar downstairs recently celebrated its 15 year anniversary.  The wife and I left our apartment one Saturday night for an excellent dinner at a local restaurant (separate post to come) and returned home a few hours later to this:


7.  In Europe (at least in Spain and the Netherlands) Dunkin’ Donuts is called Dunkin’ Coffee.  Don’t know why.  Don’t really care.  That being said, they certainly have a one up on their US counterpart.  Dunkin’ Coffee serves beer.

This young gentleman found himself a cold one.

This young gentleman found himself a cold one.

8.  We had a really great Thanksgiving dinner with some friends on Thanksgiving Day.  One would think that celebrating such an American holiday in Europe would be odd, but it was actually one the most American feeling experiences I’ve had here.  Bird roasting in the oven, sides on the stove, cold beer in hand, and the NFL on the television (thanks NFL for the free season pass in Europe this year).

9.  We had another really great post-Thanksgiving dinner hosted by one of the partners here in Amsterdam.  This too was a really great meal, with plenty of beverages, and loads of great people.  Unfortunately, things may have gotten just slightly out of hand.  I’ll let this picture of the post-meal dinner table speak its thousand words.


10.  Sinterklaas was celebrated here on December 5.  I decided to test the waters with this new holiday and get the traditional chocolate first initial as a gift for the wife.  I surprised her with it by leaving it in her shoe, as per the Sinterklaas tradition.


11.  My site recently experienced a HUGE bump in hits.  After a looking more closely at my site stats, I realized it was all due to my Zwarte Piet post right before Dec. 5.  This will be getting its own post.

Screen Shot 2012-12-06 at 2.05.22 PM

12.  This town really does it up for the feestdagen!  Lights, lights, and more lights.  I was a bit worried that I’d miss not having a huge Christmas tree with lots of lights and load of decorations.  All we have to do is step outside of our apartment and our whole street is decked as if it were a hall.


Ok, so I guess it was closer to 12 than 30, but I still feel much better getting those things out of my head.  Also, if anyone is interested to hear more about any of these topics, feel free to leave a comment.  I’d be happy to expound further.  Also:  POLL!!!



  1. patrick, sigh. now my facebook posts seems entirely inadequate. your blog is SUPER awesome. required reading for dutch expats, surely.

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