Barcelona: Episode 2 – The Continuing

Ahh…  The second part of a trilogy.  This better be good right?  This post is in the fine company of The Empire Strikes Back, The Evil Dead II, Terminator 2, Spider-man 2, Mad Max 2 and The Dark Knight.  Why is the second movie in a sequel often better than the first and almost always better than the third?  hrm…  I think I’m way off topic!


Parc Guell is one amazing city park.  Perched on the side of a hill, this garden complex was originally intended to be a refuge for Barcelona’s rich and famous.  Fortunately for us, it did not succeed at this goal.  Instead, the citizens of Barcelona and beyond get to experience more of the masterful architecture of Antoni Gaudi.  Again, if you want to read more about the park itself, you know I always include the links!

Our trip to Parc Guell began with a tip from Trip Advisor.  Instead of getting off of the Barcelona Metro at the stop suggested in all of the major guide books, we took a tip from one of the forum comments and went one stop further down the line.  This was supposed to save us a large chunk of uphill walking so that we could stay fresh for a long day of touring.  Unfortunately, we got lost.  Really lost.  I’m talking about the “wife is going to kill me” type of lost.


I know this look. It means I’m in trouble.

Fortuenately, I finally found our way into the park.  Here’s a peek of where we entered from.  Yes, that’s a wooded dirt path that I’m not 100% positive is an actual entrance to the park.  Regardless, we found our way in and this is what we found:

2012-12-18-10Although I doubt this is one of the approved entrances to the park, we did manage to work our way up a small gravel path to find this:



After two or so hours of searching, our quest to find the park was victorious.  The best part of entering the park via our backdoor entrance was the fact that it was all down hill from there, literally.


Sagrada Familia and the Mediterranean beyond.

Our hard work paid off with a plethora of amazing views of Barcelona.  The park would have been a great spot to situate a nice mansion.  It looks like someone already had that idea:


The park itself is loaded with great architectural flourishes.  Parc Guell is a wonderful example of Gaudi’s architectural style.  The way that Gaudi incorporates nature into his architecture is evident at every turn in this masterpiece of Catalonian architecture.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

As always, prints of many of my travel photographs can be found here:

Patrick Mogridge Photography

Barcelona: Part 1 

Barcelona III 



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