Munich: Part 3

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I’ve let this post hang over me for far too long. It was probably a mistake to wait so long to write about a Christmas topic, as I assume most of you are still getting over the post-holiday hangover.  I’ll make it short and sweet.  I promise.

So, without further ado, I give you: Munich Christmas Markets!!!

XmasMarket 10


Christmas Markets are a popular tradition in European cities and towns.  Germany has a particularly strong tradition for these markets, with Munich being perhaps being the king of them all.  Throughout the city, small stands are set up creating a sort of magical Christmas village feeling in the shadows of the cities greatest monuments.

XmasMarket 7

Christmas ornaments, candles, nativity scenes, and other assorted holiday goods are for sale.  To keep up one’s strength while visiting these booths, I strongly suggest visiting one of many food stands that dot the market.

XmasMarket 14

Fresh grilled sausages, holiday Glühwein, and an assortment of other German holiday snacks are all for sale at the market.  I have to say that our visit to the München Christkindlmarkt is without a doubt them most Christmasy experience that I’ve ever had.

Check out some of what we found at the München Christkindlmarkt:

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Next time:  Belgian Beer Bash!

As always, prints of many of my travel photographs can be found here:

Patrick Mogridge Photography


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