Czech Republic

Oddities from the Eastern Bloc

Prague HeaderAlright!  Now we’re getting the hang of it!  I hope you guys are liking the new shorter posts.  I certainly know that I am!  Let’s keep the momentum going by taking a look at some of the stranger things we found in Prague!

The captions are where the magic happens, so click on a pic to get the full story.

Now that’s more like it!

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Prague in Black and White

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If while I have promised you to update much more frequently over the following four advert. I have made no such promise about the length of each posting. With this post I will start a new tradition. Brevity has become the name of this game.  We will begin this little exercise in concision by taking a look at some of the black and white photos I took while we vacationed in in the Czech Republic last February.  I hope you enjoy!!!

Also, this was the first trip where the wife and I consciously tried to take more photos of ourselves.  Here’s a sample of some of our black and white pics.  Enjoy!

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The Weird and the Wonderful:  Oddities from the Eastern Bloc

Prague Mini-Post: Food

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Roasted meats, dumplings, cabbage, and beers of all types…  Czech food is hearty, to say the least.

Feel free to read more here: Czech Cuisine.

Now on to the photos!

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Prague: Behind the Iron Curtain

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The Traveling Mogridges have been back at it!  This time, we journeyed behind the old Iron Curtain to pay a visit to one of the most beautiful cities in Eastern Europe:  Prague.  With this first visit to an Eastern Bloc country, I have tons of stories to tell.  That being said, it’s been a while since I’ve posted an entry to the old blogaroonie, so I’m going to start off with a nice short one.  I don’t want to pull a muscle or anything…

Let me start with some historical fun!  Prague is one big time capsule of a city.  While the rest of the modern world was busy with finding the next big thing, the Czech Republic… err… Czechoslovakia was suffering under the repressive Iron Fist of the USSR.  While I’m certainly not here to argue the pros and cons of Communist rule, if one had to find an undeniable silver lining, it would be in the preservation of Prague’s old world charm.  Hollywood figured this out years ago, using Prague as a stand-in when shooting period pieces requiring an old European feel that’s quite difficult to find in modern Western Europe.  Without droning on and on, I will simply say that Prague is great.  That’s the best way to describe Prague: Great.

Ok, on to the fun.  I plan on doing several posts about Prague, but this is the one that I’m aiming to keep short.  With that said, here’s a nice slideshow featuring some of Prague’s “Greatest Hits”.

I’ll be back in the coming days with posts about Czech food, architecture, and some of the oddities that we found along the way.